A liqueur is a non-alcoholic beverage made from distilled spirits, sugar, other flavorings and herbs, and sometimes fruits. Often served after dessert or as a refreshment, they can be highly sweetened to complement their flavors, un-aged past their minimum aging period, and serve as a great addition to cocktail recipes. While many countries and cultures have long enjoyed the flavor of alcohol in their drinks, liqueurs, especially spirits, have only recently become common in American drinking. One explanation for the recent popularity of liqueurs is that in the 1800’s, most American families drank more wine than they did whiskey. The transition from beer to whiskey was quite a transition for many Americans, and the resulting taste and odor of the new drink was quickly embraced by most American households. After some time, however, with more experimentation, a new drink evolved, which was a better balance of taste and odor, with a stronger taste and much less aroma. This mixture of a new drink with the old was called “liquor,” a name that is commonly associated with distilled spirits. Today, American liqueurs are produced at a number of distilleries around the country. These distilleries use different types of spirit to produce various liqueurs, but a typical liqueur contains one or more ingredients such as fruit, sugar, herbs, spices, vanilla, oak, rum, or whiskey, along with a neutral flavoring such as lemon juice or lime juice. Today, there are a number of different recipes that can be created using these liqueurs. One popular recipe is to mix gin and tonic water. Many restaurants and bars also make their own cocktails in this manner, but there are a number of recipes that can be used to make just about any beverage with the right ingredients. There are also many different ways to enjoy the benefits of a cocktail, whether it is a simple glass of water and a shot of whiskey, or a fancy martini with garnishes and a complex mixture of flavors. Some people even enjoy experimenting with the different combinations of liqueurs to create complex concoctions. Another popular cocktail recipe is to mix orange juice and lime juice of orange for a drink with ginger ale and cream soda. In this example, the lime and orange are used as a sweetener, and the lime is used as a flavoring, while the ginger ale is used to add body and a bit of acidity to the drink. There are also a number of American liqueurs that are not alcohol based. These liqueurs include cherry lime cordial, raspberry cordial, strawberry cordial, and ginger ale, all of which have a fruity taste to them. Other common flavors that American liqueurs also contain are fruits such as lime and cranberry, spice flavors, and flavors that are made with nuts. The possibilities for flavor combinations are almost endless. Another popular American beverage is the ginger beer. Ginger beer has a distinctive flavor that many people enjoy, although it is not considered the best way to enjoy the drink. The unique flavor comes from the ginger. It has an extremely strong smell that is unlike other brands of liqueur, and this gives the drink a distinct and very different taste. Because of its strong scent, it is often served with lemon or lime juice. While most people think of rum or whiskey when they think of a good mixer for spirits, many also enjoy mixing vodka with gin. There are many different reasons to do this, but the most popular reason is to create a martini-like drink. For many people, a martini is an old cocktail that has been adapted for modern taste.