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Three Types of Beer Brands in Canada

Craft beer is growing fast in Canada, with over 1000 breweries currently operating and more opening every month. With so many breweries, how can you differentiate your craft brewery? Branding is key, as it influences how the public views your brewery. Successful Canadian breweries have taken the brand beyond just the beer itself. Here are some examples of beer brands and their marketing strategies. Let’s look at each of these three types of beer brands.

Canadians spend billions of dollars each year on beer. It’s widely thought that Canadian beer tastes better than American beers, and its cold weather makes it last longer. In fact, every Canadian province and territory has its own unique beer, from small-batch brews to craft brews. Beer lovers and the North American Brewers’ Awards have hailed the great taste of Canadian brews.

Craft brewing has emerged as a fast-growing segment. Craft brewers’ beer appeals to a broader demographic than mass-market brands, which primarily target young males. While men are the biggest drinkers of beer in Canada, craft breweries are catching on, attracting non-jock men and women. This growth has led to major Canadian brewers acquiring smaller, local breweries.

Some of the top-selling beer brands in Canada are Molson Canadian, Heineken, Corona, and New Belgium. These brands have a long history in the country, and many of them have colorful histories and incredible accomplishments. A quick glance of the top ten Canadian beer brands will reveal the favorites of the Canadians. You can even learn a bit about the history of the brewery and its founders. The history of beer is fascinating – from the first commercial brewery to the most recent and successful breweries.

Big Rock Brewery: This brewer produces over a dozen premium brews, and several value options. Additionally, they also produce several contract brews and ciders. Traditional is an excellent choice if you want a traditional, medium-bodied brown ale with caramel malt flavour and nutty tones. Unibroue is another Canadian beer brand that focuses on Belgian-style brewing. The company also makes La Fin du Monde, a golden ale conditioned in oak barrels.

Molson and Labatt’s are two of the largest Canadian breweries. Molson was bought by Belgian company Interbrew in 1995 and is part of Brazilian-based Anheuser-Busch InBev. In late 2015, Molson was purchased by Anheuser-Busch InBev, and it merged with Canadian company Coors to form Molson Coors. This merger created the second largest beer brand in the world.

Named the most popular varieties of Canadian beer

Before 1961, Canadian beer was sold in two sizes, quarts and pints. These were equal in volume, with a true imperial quart measuring 40 ounces. The sale of larger bottles was restricted in some provinces, with Ontario imposing a ban on the sale of pints, while Quebec permitted the sale of tall boy cans. Then, in the late twentieth century, craft breweries came to the rescue.

Moosehead is the most popular Canadian beer, but does not own a 100% Canadian company. In fact, this company is a hybrid of several foreign brands, and is the country’s largest fully Canadian company. However, Canadians still import beer from other countries, though some Canadian brands remain classics. In the meantime, you can drink a variety of local brews. So, which are your favourite Canadian beer brands?

Molson Canadian is the best selling beer in Canada, but there are dozens of other Canadian favorites. In addition to Molson, you can find Red Racer IPA, Peche Mortel, and Brasserie Dieu du Ciel. Alexander Keith’s India Pale Ale is another top seller, while Keith’s Brewery makes Beau’s Lug-Tread Lager. Be sure to sample some Canadian beers and see which ones have a long history in the country.

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